After Work Session

Finishing the day off right with a little session with Lakewood Brewing Company’s Hopcondria. Refreshing with plenty of floral and citrus hops to make the nose happy and well with flavors of hop resin and bitterness with a nice malt backbone. Cheers!

-Michael Thacker

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Cherishing A Lazy Day With Some Good Brews And Prehistoric Movies

You know those days where you could just sit around and do nothing? Cloudy outside and laziness is in the air? Well, yesterday was that type of day for my family and I as we decided to sit around and do nothing. But, of course, people can only sit around and do “nothing” for so long before entering into delirious boredom and at that moment something needs to change, just still in a lazy-like manner.


After pondering for several moments I finally came up with a couple of movies with a theme based motive behind it as well as a couple of good beers that would do well during the film attendance. Scrounging through our hundreds of movie collection I finally found what I was desiring. The two picks that I came up with would provide a prehistoric sci fi theme, fun for the whole family (I hoped).

The first pick I went with was One Million Years B.C. An old classic that provides excitement from beginning till the end with the cave dwellers demonstrating more ape-like characteristics than their later counterparts, the shell people. Action from scene one with fights between the cave people and later in the film several fights between man and dinosaurs (as well as enlarged iguanas).

The second film was 10,000 B.C. The 2008 (and now almost becoming considered a classic believe it or not) featuring the beautiful and talented Camilla Belle and her prehistoric mate Steven Strait. Based in 10,000 B.C. the village people try surviving by killing and eating Mammoths as well as anything else they can get their hands on due to the frigid ice age that engulfed them. However, they are soon captured and taken to a far away land that is now considered Egypt where they are using the people from the village and many others as slaves to build the pyramids and many other structures throughout the land (and believe it or not, interesting factoid, there are some historians and archaeologist that believe the pyramids and Spinx were built at this date). Thankfully the warrior D’Leh (Steven Strait) comes and saves the day by killing off the “Almighty” that controlled everything and ruled with a pale, and yet iron fist.

Both films I recommend especially if one is a sci fi film geek such as myself. Now, for the beer choice of the day I went with a wild sour ale called Synchopathic brewed up by the Destihl Brewery that had more kick of acidity and astringent-like characters to pucker your face for at least a minute or so. As the sour warmed it lightened up and presented citrus hop flavors as well as hints of lemon, grapefruit and resin.


The second beer of choice was a toasty brown ale called Baragus brewed up by a local brewery Nobel Rey Brewing Company. This brown ale was delicious as it presented aromas of coffee, chocolate, oak and nuts and the taste was much the same with notes of roasted honey and caramel.


Nothing like a day of doing nothing, and yet accomplishing something all at the same time while enjoying it all with family. Grab your brews and movies today and live the life of the lazy days! Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

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