Roots Coffee Shop Visit

Nestled within the city limits of Colleyville, Texas just outside Fort Worth is a small, and yet tasteful coffee shop called Roots. This modern, rustic style venue is a perfect get away for those that love coffee. Whether you are a local college student or an oldie from around the area seeking to socialize or to just sit back and blog or read, this is the place to come and seep into.

Tea is Always a Good Idea

Some of the commodities they offered besides their rich and delicious blends of coffee were different arrays of mochas and lattes, pastries, bagels, water, juice and local craft beers on tap. Simple, and yet palatable dishes and drinks, both cooked and brewed up and ready to savor.

I went ahead with a french press of their Kenya blend which was fruity, smooth with chocolate notes and overall was delicious. The atmosphere was nice as they had chill music playing overhead and even though there was a big of a crowd it was still rather relaxing and didn’t hamper my focus on work or studying.

There was a group of college girls behind me chatting away that stemmed from the local community college, a few business people at the table next to me and others scattered abroad including an older gentlemen reading and a young mom grabbing some joe to go. All ages and walks of life together with the root attending being rooted in Roots coffee, pastries and craft beer as well as their hospitality and comradery. Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

100% Kona Coffee


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