A Night Out At Antebellum’s Ale House

After a few dreadful days of a brutal ice storm and power outages, my family and I decided to get out and try something new. Searching for several local delights that looked appealing, we finally stumbled across a small, local pub in the town of Weatherford, Texas called Antebellum’s Ales House.

100% Kona Coffee

This little delight was a small house that had been decked out and decorated like a little Belgian or British pub with a modern twist to it and definitely gave me flash backs to when my wife and I lived in Belgium and Hollands for some time. It provided craft beer lovers with 48 different taps to try from with some local and others nationally and internationally known. Their profile range was from the lightest of cream ales and pilsners to dark and heavy imperial stouts and barley wines.

To pair your brew pick with was a variety of small dishes such as chips and salsa, meat and cheese board and a cream cheese queso dip as well as much more. They also had several different styles of flat bread pizzas, salads and sandwiches. Being a spice lover I went with their sriracha bbq spicy pizza with fresh jalapeños for an extra kick.

Art of Tea - Blooming Teas

Overall we really enjoyed the pub with it’s European atmosphere and friendly hospitality, and of course, good food and brews. If you get a chance and happen to be in the area make sure you pay these guys a visit! Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker


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